Customer ID and Subscription ID

Upzelo connects to your payment provider to take action on your behalf. Your customer Flows are completely configurable and can have different outputs such as:

  • Pausing subscriptions

  • Applying discounts

  • Cancelling subscriptions

  • Changing subscription plans

When initializing Upzelo, it's required that you send both a customerId and subscriptionId. The requirements exist because customers can have multiple subscriptions and we want you to have precise control over what we are taking action on.

If you support multiple subscriptions, you can add event handlers to individual buttons for each subscription with the subscriptionId set in the Upzelo configuration object

Even though the system could function correctly using just a subscriptionId, we require the customerId too so we can verify that the subscription that is being actioned does belong to the customer.

In the event that a subscriptionId isn't passed into Upzelo, we will pick the most recent non-cancelled subscription to action. This is determined using the subscription created date.

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