Installing Upzelo

3 Steps to get started quickly.

1. Insert the Upzelo JS Snippet

The following code will add the Upzelo client-side script and make itself available in the global JS namespace as window.upzelo. Place the following snippet into your <head> element.

  appId="Upzelo App ID"

You can find your App ID here

2. Server-side authentication

This is only required if you wish for Upzelo to take action on your behalf with your payment provider.

Server-side authentication is in place to make sure that any requests Upzelo makes to your payment provider on your behalf are authorised and legitimate. This is achieved by you generating an HMAC hash (SHA256 algorithm) with the customerId and your retentionAPI key.

You can find your retentionAPI key here

When Upzelo makes a request, it will compare the HMAC hash sent with one that is generated on our servers to ensure that the request is legitimate. Below are some examples of how this hash can be generated in different backend languages.



$retentionApiKey = 'upz_1234'; // Replace with retentionApi key.
$customerId = 'cus_1234'; // Replace with a real customer ID

echo hash_hmac('sha256', $customerId, $retentionApiKey);
// bd9d2eca979333103b3d93a80e8efcbd0f8421813fdb9feefffde2206b4115e8

Once you have generated an HMAC hash and passed it along to your front end, you can initialise Upzelo and define how you'd like it to be displayed. If you are opting to not have Upzelo take action on your behalf, you may omit the hash and type parameters.

One typical way of implementing Upzelo would be to attach an event listener to a button.

const cancelButton = document.getElementById('cancel-button');

cancelButton.addEventListener('click', () => {
    // Upzelo Config object.
    const config = {
        // The customer's ID from the subscription platform
        customerId: 'cus_1234',
        // The customer's subscription ID from the subscription platform
        subscriptionId: 'sub_1234',
        // The HMAC hash generated in step 2
        hash: 'bd9d2eca979333103b3d93a80e8efcbd0f8421813fdb9feefffde2206b4115e8',
        // The type of flow to serve
        type: 'full', 
        // The mode that we are working with.
        mode: 'live',

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