Integrate Woocommerce with Upzelo

How to connect Woocommerce and Upzelo

Head over to the Integrations page in the Setup menu on the bottom left of the dashboard, you will be presented with a list of Integrations that Upzelo offers.

Our Woocommerce integration is currently in beta. Please provide us with any feedback via the Intercom live chat.

Start by clicking the Connect button underneath the Woocommerce card. The card will then transform into a form with fields for you to enter your Live mode and Test mode API keys and store URL.

The store URL is the same URL as your wp-admin dashboard, just without the wp-admin suffix. For example, if your wp-admin URL is https://www.example-store.com/wp-admin/, the URL you would input into the form would be https://www.example-store.com.

Follow the instructions on the form and confirm your keys work correctly by pressing Check before pressing Save.

After pressing Save, we will check that you have set up the key with the correct permissions. Once that check is complete, your data will begin to be imported into Upzelo.

How is Woocommerce used with Upzelo?

1. Audience Segmentation

Upzelo imports data from your Woocommerce account so that it can be used to create audiences. This allows you to create Flows that can be tailored specifically to a segment of your customer base. This means that a new sign-up can receive a Flow different from a customer that you consider to be valued.

Upzelo imports Customers, Subscriptions, Coupons, Products and Prices from Woocommerce.

Segmentation Attributes:

  • Subscription Age

  • Plan

  • Billing Interval

  • Subscription Status

  • Customer Location

2. Creating Discounts

The Actions section of Upzelo will create coupons inside of your Woocommerce account which can then be used inside of Flows.

Actions created in test mode are only available for test mode flows.

3. Updating Customer Subscriptions

When a customer is presented with a Flow, Upzelo takes care of all of the billing updates for you. Some of the Actions that you create are billing related and we will go through those in a bit more detail below.

4. Creating Webhooks

We don't currently support webhooks with Woocommerce. We are working on this as we expand with the beta.

How Upzelo works with Woocommerce

1. Applying Discounts

You can create different types of discounts in the Actions section. When a customer accepts a discount (money off, percentage, or even a "free period"), we will apply the coupon to the subscription ID that has been provided.

2. Cancelling Subscriptions

Upzelo handles canceling subscriptions for you. The behavior of this can be configured so that the subscription either ends immediately or at the end of the current period. This is configurable on each Flow that you offer.

API Key Permissions

When creating an API key on Woocommerce, It is essential that the API key has read/write permissions.

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