Processing Behaviour

Change how Upzelo works for you

You can customise the way that Upzelo works for your platform using the Settings area.

Automatic Processing

By default, this option is turned on. This means that when a customer completes a flow, Upzelo will automatically process the output of the customer flow.

For example, if a customer accepts an offer of 10% off for a month, Upzelo will apply that coupon to their subscription via our payment provider integrations.

However, this option can be turned off. By turning this option off, Upzelo will create Requests for you to manually action.

Cancellation / Save Behaviour

The default behaviour is the only action cancellations or save events on the subscription ID that is provided.

For example: configuring Upzelo with a subscriptionId means that only that subscription will be affected.

However, this functionality can be changed to suit your needs. There is an alternative mode in which we will action all of the subscriptions that belong to a customerId or addressId

addressId is only available for Recharge customers.

For example: configuring Upzelo with a customerId and subscriptionId, Upzelo will use the subscriptionId to determine which flow to present to the customer, but will action the outcome of the flow on ALL subscriptions that belong to that customerId

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